Who Is Montie Skaggs From Illinois?

My name is Montie Skaggs, I am an internet entrepreneur from Aurora, Illinois. Recently I have started various businesses, including Aurora Mobile Detail, Blue Wave Marketing, National Contractors Lead Generation, and most recently,Clickthrough Inc. an Illinois Corporation.

Our two most successful businesses are the national contractor leads program. We send over 15,000 calls per month to contractors in various industries. Of these, 4,000 become qualified 120 second leads with a high conversion rate. We are generating over $500,000 per month in revenue for our contractor partners.

Clickthrough Inc. is a Facebook Ads agency. We do customer research, age and gender split testing, landing page development, automated followup systems, automated lead database systems, and more for our clients.

Running Facebook Ads For Your Business

Ever thought about running Facebook Ads for your business?

Ever hired someone to run Facebook Ads for your business, and they failed?

They probably didn’t follow the procedures correctly. When I run Facebook Ads for a business, I always start with CUSTOMER RESEARCH. Without customer research that is incorporated into direct marketing (all tracked along the way), you may never find an offer that converts.

I also bet that your last marketing company didn’t guarantee at least 30 customer opportunities per month OR YOUR MONEY BACK….

So lets dig in to what you’ll get advertising for your business with Montie Skaggs.

The 7 steps of a successful Facebook Ads Program:

  1. PHASE 1 – CUSTOMER RESEARCH – Uncover reasons why your potential buyer BUYS.. We uncover so many ideas for offers and ad copy by running a SUPER-OPTIMIZED customer research campaign. Chances are, if we are contacting you to discuss Facebook Ads, we are going to present you some customer research from another city or state. That’s OK, because before we run YOUR Facebook Ads, we will run the exact same customer research in your city in a short radius around your physical location.
  2. PHASE 2 – AGE AND GENDER SPLIT TESTING – Let us WEED OUT those who don’t take action and buy what you’re selling on Facebook. At this stage, we really have to stay resilient because as we know you are an EXPERT in your industry, you might not know exactly what makes people buy on FACEBOOK. So we will set up your ads to show us WHO IS CONVERTING, WHO TAKES ACTION, WHO SIGNS UP.
  3. PHASE 3 – LANDING PAGES – Your Facebook Ad needs a spot for clickers to LAND. When they engage with your ad and click-through to get their voucher or whatever your lead magnet may be, they will land on a PAGE. We build unlimited of these pages for you, until we find one that works. This Facebook Ads landing page is built COMPLETELY separate from your current website, and we will set up the SEO so it does not compete with your online presence whatsoever (unless we discuss otherwise).
  4. Phase 4 – Text Notifications – We set up an automated text message followup system that not only sends to YOU so you see that you have a lead, but it sends to your FRONT DESK STAFF, and the CUSTOMER so they know you are serious about the special offer. Now you can follow up with that lead via text, give them a call, or blast out text messages to them in the future.
  5. PHASE 5 – SOAP OPERA SEQUENCE – What makes the Kardashians so interesting? Why do people watch their TV show about literally nothing? Because people love watching people live their life on TV. Same is true for your email list or your Facebook page. But what on earth are you supposed to post about every day? Let us create you a SOAP OPERA SEQUENCE that will give you AUTOMATED content that you can use to keep ‘touching’ your customer. Your soap opera sequence is a sequence of followup emails and text messages that includes stories, facts, and interesting tidbits about your industry so that you can keep your business details FRESH IN YOUR CUSTOMERS MIND.
  6. PHASE 6 – Strategy Sessions – In the beginning of our campaign we will have strategy sessions at least once per week over the phone. Once the campaign is set up and running properly, we can dial that back to once every 2 weeks. But to get your campaign optimized and running efficiently, we are prepared to have as many strategy sessions as necessary to get a profitable campaign that works for your business. These are done over the phone or in person depending on location.
  7. PHASE 7 – 30 CUSTOMER OPPORTUNITIES PER MONTH GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK – You read correctly. If you hire Montie Skaggs to run your Facebook Ads, you will get a 30 customer opportunity guarantee each and every month that you do business with us. With 30 opportunities, you should be able to close some deals and make some sales, offsetting the cost of hiring us to run your Ads. But we do not stop there. We try to get you the MOST possible leads that your sales team can handle.